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This little angles name is Misty. But don’t let that innocent look fool you, she’s one feisty girl! And if you look closer, in the background you can see her mother – always keeping an eye on her. 
Here’s a photograph of my best friend and her handsome stallion Liamo, sharing a moment during practice. He’s listening to her really carefully.

This little fellow tried to hide himself in the greenery of Metajna, on the Island of Pag, Croatia.
This little village has been my place to relax for 12 years. It keeps so much memories – good and bad ones. Thanks to this place I’ve met one of my best friends and also a lot of amazing people.
A journey to Metajna on Croatia’s Island of Pag can hold many delights, not least of which is the exciting flora, which seem ready to burst forth with brilliance.

Počasi se daleč pride
Slow and Sunny Life: This little snail seems to be soaking up the warm, Slovenian sun on its way to points unknown. Maybe it is chasing its shadow, wondering why it always seems to be one step away…



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